Treatment experience in halochamber

Опыт лечения в галокамере

Our statistics and experience in treatment in halochamber (salt room)

 Bronchial asthma/ respiratoryallergies Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAcute bronchitis, Acute obstructive bronchitisChronic rhinitis  Acute rhinitis  Preventioncourse  

The reasons for interrupting of halotherapy treatment were:

Sometimes it is necessary to suspend treatment in case of exacerbation of the drainage function due to activation of the ciliated epithelium, causing in some cases fever and bluetongue symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tract.This exacerbation is expected that is why treatment is continued after normalized state.

Patient born in 1945:Moderate persistent asthma of mixed origin, LW second .Medical treatment: Budesonide, Berodual, Telfast;During attacks – Salbutamol (4-5 times a day) + Polkortolon (5 years of dependance)Rehabilitation measures: 10-15 sessions of halotherapy, massage of the chest, physiotherapy.Reaction on the 4 day – frequent coughing with viscous sputum emission, increased shortness of breath, dyspnea attacks of less intensity but prolonged.  Lack of acute symptoms after 4 days, gradual improvement after the 15 session (less use of salbutamol to once a day).The second course of HT after 4 months. According to the patient’s words, exacerbation was triggered by URI after 2 months.

Patient born in 1994:Mild persistent asthma of mixed origin.Medical treatment – Bronhoryl, ACC, Ketotifen;During attacks – Ventolin, aminophylline (8 years of dependence)Rehabilitation measures: 15-20 sessions of halotherapy, massage of the chest, diaphragmatic breathing, herbal medicine.There was no reaction; gradual drainage of sputum, reduced intensity of attacks, stoped using Ventolin.During rehabilitation -Bronchalis-Heel, Enhistol, Limphomiosot.A second course of halotherapy after 3 months; there were no complaints after the treatment. Daily sessions breathing exercises (according to the scheme)

Patient born in 1964:Moderate persistent bronchial atopic asthma. Chronic obstructive bronchitis.Medical treatment: expectorant drugs, Mucosolvan, Eufilin, Budesonide, Salbutamol (8 times a day)Rehabilitation measures: inhalation with bronchodilator.Improving the state after halotherapy sessions. After 5-6 session less use of salbutamol.A second course in 6 months. Stable condition within 3 months. Professional treatment was not carried out.

Patient born in 1998:Frequently relapsing obstructive bronchitis (5-6 exacerbations per year). Medical treatment (during exacerbation): expectorant drugs, inhalation with herbal decoctions, sinapisms.Medical treatment: 15-20 halotherapy sessions, massage of the chest, respiratory gymnastics and physiotherapyReaction at 3 session – active drainage of mucous phlegm. The stabilization of the general condition after 12 sessionsA second course of halotherapy in 3-4 months; no complaints. As a preventive method  – Bronhalis-Heel, Enhistol, limfomiozot daily – breathing exercises.

Patient born in 2000:Intermittent allergic bronchial asthma.Medical treatment (during attacks): Salbutamol, AltivaMedical treatment: 20 halotherapy sessions, respiratory gymnastics There were no reactions, and no attack during 4 monthsDaily respiratory gymnasticsRecommended to repeat halotherapy course in 6 months