Salt rooms. Effectiveness.

Соляные комнаты. Эффективность.

Our society is constantly developing and moving forward. This is undoubtedly a positive process. But every medal has two sides. Classification of diseases which we face more often is developing as well. Of course, the number of pharmacological agents to deal with certain diseases has also increased. Effective or not, they are not always harmless. Usually, curing one disease with medicines, we harm other organs. As a result of excessive use of medicines, which is not harmless, there can appear pathologies such as allergies.

As a result of studies in the world 25-30% of people suffering from allergic diseases, and the incidence of allergies continues to rise due to the impact on the body of chemical and other environmental factors. Among them: 

15-20% – atopic dermatitis; 

15-20% – asthma; 

7-10% – allergic rynopathologies. 

Doctors predict that within next few years, most people will become allergics. Allergy has already become the disease of XXI century. 

Asthma and allergic rhinitis are often combined (25-35% of patients with allergies have asthma as well, and 85% of patients with asthma have symptoms of allergies). 

There is an alternative for medicines – natural salt mines, or their equivalent – salt rooms (halochambers). 

With the openning of an underground compartment of Ukrainian Allergic Hospital on the base of the salt mine in Solotvyno village, Transcarpathia, 136 thousand patients were cured. 

The effectiveness of treatment according to clinical studies is 90-95% in children and 82-86% in adults. 

The principle of therapeutic effect in the salt room. The main therapeutic factor in a salt room is highly dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride (salt), low humidity, optimal temperature, and the absence of bacterial flora. 

An important element of salt mines microclimate is high degree of air ionization. Inhalation of air containing a large concentration of negative ions of light sodium chloride has a beneficial effect on the functional state of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, different types of metabolism, improves the patients’ condition with asthma, hypertension (lowering of blood pressure and pulse is observed), reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process, hyposensitizes against allergens, improves immunity, stimulates the formation of vitamins B, C, D and their accumulation in blood and body tissues. 

Highly dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic and desensitizing effect, enhances and restores blood flow in the damaged areas of the skin and internal organs, regenerating collagen (a protein that is part of the skin and is responsible for its elasticity), stimulates cell growth, improves metabolism. 

Influenced by halotherapy asthmatic attacks are weakened and finally stopped. Due to the improvement of bronchial permeability, all parameters of respiratory function, especially ventilation, is improved.

Patients with hypertension notice gradual lowering and sometimes complete normalization of blood pressure, improvement of all hemodynamic parameters, significant improvement of health, complete absence of complaints related to the hypertension, improvement of various biochemical parameters and indicators ECG (electrocardiography). 

This procedure can be combined with an absolute majority of physiotherapy.