Salt rooms (salt caves) and scope of their application

Соляные шахты (соляные комнаты) и области их применения

Where does construction of halochambers, or salt caves (salt rooms) appear to be promising and advisable?

Medical institutions. Halotherapy is no longer just a new trend in alternative medicine. It has become an independent scientifically proved approach in treatment respiratory passages, dermatological problems etc. More of that, its actuality will only rise considering ecological situation, rise of diseases of developed civilization – allergies and bronchopulmonary pathologies. According to doctors’ predictions within next few years more than a half of population will become allergics. Allergy has already become the disease of XXI century. Halotherapy is successfully used in its treatment. Having such salt room in a clinic, hospital, or other medical institution has become essential nowadays.  

Sports and fitness centres. Halotherapy positively influences respiratory passages, reducing swelling of the mucous membrane, thus improving respiratory function. Accordingly, optimization of respiratory function increases sport energy and efficiency. Adding halotherapy to the training schedule increases sportsmen’s efficiency. 

Health resorts and hotels. Having a salt room in a health resort leads to selling more touristic vouchers to people (20% more within 1 year already!). Having an intention to go to a health resort a tourist will choose that one where there is a greater service variety to improve his mental and physical health. Such additional service as a salt room will make a hotel or health resort more prestigious and attractive to a client.

Beauty salons. Halotherapy is used not only for treatment but also to maintain beautiful youthful body. Salt room replaces a number of cosmetic procedures to improve the condition of skin and hair. Even ancient Egyptians used salt as a cosmetic product. Salt microparticles contain natural antioxidants and cleansing ingredients that help to maintain body in good shape. Highly dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride enhances and restores blood flow in the damaged areas of skin and internal organs, regenerating collagen (a protein which is a part of the skin being responsible for its elasticity), stimulates cell growth, improves the metabolism of cells in the body, thus slowing the aging of skin and body as a whole. Salt room combined with chromotherapy (treatment with the help of colour and light) and sound therapy for the purpose of relaxation attracts more clients to the beauty salons.

Saunas. After visiting a sauna the treating effect from salt room is enhancing in a few times. Due to steam skin pores are opening and the lungs are warming up. That is why the components of salt aerosol are penetrating the body tissues more easily and deeply. It has rejuvenating effect on the body.

Private houses and appartments. Halotherapy has been widely used at home. Everyday sessions 30 min long strengthen the immune system, release stress, normalize blood pressure, increase efficiency and sexual activity! Sodium chloride increases the level of testosterone, the hormone responsible for libido. Due to its medicinal properties salt room restores and increases the men’s potency and women’s libido.

Enterprises with a high risk of occupational diseases. The air in the working area at such enterprises is contaminated with harmful particles as a result of technological process. These particles in the form of dust, gases and vapour get into the air and have a negative impact on the body.  It is a cause of occupational diseases. That is why at enterprises with a high level of dust in the working area regular courses of halotherapy with preventive purpose are recommended for employees. 10-12 sessions once-twice a year are enough for reducing of occupational diseases. Salt room is a great help for enterprises which take care of their employees.   

As halotherapy is actually relevant in all spheres, the construction of salt rooms is a good investment in health and business today.