Salt room as a method of treatment and prophylaxis

Соляная комната как метод лечения и профилактики

Nowadays with our hectic lifestyle to fall out of this rythm for a couple of days means so much to lose. It is a pity when this happens despite any reason – due to all existing viruses. First a child brings an infection from the kindergarten, then relatives who take care of the baby pick up the infection. It is not too difficult to assume this circle, especially in autumn and winter.  Therefore it is logical to get ready for virus attacks beforehand.

Many physicians and patients focus their attention on the fact that current approaches in the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory diseases emphasize inefficiency of antibiotics. It increases immune deficiency and worsens the disease. The basic method of viral diseases prevention is vaccination but not all viruses can be stopped by vaccines and not always it is appropriate. Vaccines have limitations and restrictions. Consequently, non-specific preventive and treatment methods of URTI come into the foreground enhancing body functionality and resistibility.

Strengthening the immune system does not mean buying a bunch of medicines and vitamins and feeding the child with all this every day. More effective way is to create the optimal conditions for the child’s development such as proper nutrition, daily walks, metered physical exercises, sanitation of infections centers, spa treatment if there are some chronic diseases in order to prevent a relapse. It should be mentioned that just staying in a recreational area for 2-3 weeks is not enough. The difference in climate is not the only cause of diseases during recovery. Everything needs a sensible approach, and the rest as well. The more physiological parameters are, in which you get recovery, the softer adaptation and more sustainable results can be.

Each pathology has its own requirements. In our case, we focus on the climate, which favorably affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, restores their structure after inflammation, improves the respiratory function, sanitates chronic infection. Air saturated with salt spray has such properties.

So let’s find out what kind of salt spray it is.  First of all, salt is not always sodium chloride. But for our body more natural combination is exactly this one in certain concentration. Increase or decrease of the number of sodium and chlorine in organic liquids leads to pathological conditions. Therefore, the advantage in speleotherapeutic techniques is given to salt mines where halite is produced or salt room where this mineral is used for facing.

The kind of salt spray used in halotherapy is very important; it can be wet or dry. Both dry and wet sprays can be used for bronchopulmonary pathology. But dry aerosol in artificial salt rooms has a high penetrating capacity. It gets better into the respiratory tract comparing with wet aerosol and therefore, does not cause bronchoconstriction, which is observed among many patients who inhale wet aerosol of sodium chloride.

A certain concentration of sodium chloride of both dry and wet aerosol has a good effect on the rheological properties of bronchial mucus (thins sputum), facilitating its removal from bronchi (bronchodilators effect). Dry aerosol of sodium chloride has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, anti-microbial effect, improves the protective immunological properties of the mucosa.

The particles of dry salt aerosol get together with particles of air pollution (dust, allergens, microorganisms), accelerate their sedimentation, resulting in a clean air in a salt room or a cave. When using wet salt spray that does not have such properties indoors, there is also a risk patients can get an infection during the procedure. The presence of ultrasonic inhalers on the medical equipment market set aside the need to create a halochamber with wet salt spray.

An alternative method now is a method of inhaling through a nebulizer. However, individual inhalation via nebulizer will never compare with the results obtained from the inhalation of salt spray in the open air at the seaside where the treatment or prevention includes all natural factors – sun, air, and water. Moreover, during the storm salt aerosol concentration increases by several times. Thus, we have several options of halotherapy offered in Ukraine: treatment in natural salt mines – Health Center “Salt Symphony” in Soledar; treatment in artificial salt mines (salt room, halochamber); treatment and rehabilitation at the health centers located in recreational areas (coast, salt lake, salt geysers).