Salt room and sauna.

Соляная комната и сауна (баня).

How to stay young and keep fit?

It is probably one of the main issues occupying the better half of humanity nowadays.

Apparently there is nothing impossible. Not in vain the ancient Romans made a cult of visiting bathhouse (sauna). Healing properties of sauna or bathhouse were known in ancient Greece and Egypt as well, where they served as health resorts.

Visiting bathhouse or sauna has beneficial effects on the body’s functioning, improving metabolism and work of protective functions. Cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems work better as well. Thanks to the warming, toxins are derived from the body and blood circulation in the limbs is improved. Not less important is the influence of bathhouse or sauna on the nervous system. The soothing effect, better sleep and increased work efficiency are guaranteed.

To get even greater effect from visiting a bathhouse or a sauna, bath treatment should be combined with halotherapy session in the salt room.

The latest trend has been the construction of a salt room at the building of bathhouse or sauna. But anyway halogenerator should not be placed in the sauna or bathhouse. Because one of the most important factors in halotherapy is humidity, which should not exceed 75%. The ideal place for a salt room is a room next to the sauna or bathhouse.

After visiting sauna or bathhouse skin is warmed, its pores are open, the top layer of skin (epidermis) is softened, what facilitates the penetration of salt aerosol through the pores. Thus, salt aerosol has a direct contact with skin. It’s the perfect skin condition to absorb the most effect of salt aerosol. The body is cleaned of excess metabolic products, and its protective function is strengthened.

It is needless to say about the positive effect of salt aerosol on the respiratory system after visiting sauna or bathhouse. Due to the high temperature in the sauna (bathhouse) vessels dilate, blood circulates faster and pulse is accelerated.

Increased activity of the cardiovascular system leads to rapid breathing, causing better ventilation. Accordingly, deeper breathing allows particles of salt aerosol to penetrate deeper into the respiratory system.

Steam combined with salt aerosol refreshes body; and fight against overweight and aging process becomes much easier and more pleasant.