Salt room and massage.

Соляная комната и массаж.

For effective treatment and prevention of diseases a complex approach is recommended. Since the method of halotherapy (treatment in the salt room) is natural, drug-free, and safe, it can be combined with an absolute majority of physiotherapy procedures.

One of effective combinations that can be distinguished is salt room and massage. SPA salons have already noticed this trend and successfully offer such service to their clients by arranging a massage room in the salt room. In a room lined with salt, the result of massage surpasses all the expectations.

For some reason, massage is thought to be a luxury while it is one of the easiest physiotherapy procedures to maintain the whole body tonus and improve health.

Dysfunction of one of the systems leads to dysfunction of the whole body. It can be solved with the help of massage. Clinical studies show that in 60% of cases regular sessions of massage help to normalize overall health. Massage therapy has a positive effect on cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, metabolism, and other systems.

Regardless of the purpose of massage – treatment, prevention or relaxation, greater effect can be achieved in combination with halotherapy. Why is massage in a salt room more effective?

Useful components of salt spray enter the body not only through the lungs, but also through the skin accelerating metabolic processes and improving blood circulation and lymph circulation. Negatively charged ions of sodium chloride (salt) stimulate the healing process at the cellular level. Settling in open areas of the body, salt spray increases the protective properties of the skin. Interacting with the integumentary system and hair, it provides effective cosmetic effect, continuing the body rejuvenation. Salt aerosol maintains the natural pH balance of skin, increases firmness and elasticity of the tissue, improves the regeneration process due to which the skin becomes more elastic and supple. Thus, we can observe skin rejuvenation.

Clinical studies of the skin microbiocenosis have confirmed the normalization of skin microflora (aggregate of microorganisms in the human body) after using halotherapy (sessions in a salt room).

Therefore, the effect of such massage increases in several times.