Salt mines

Соляные шахты

Forums about health and medicine are more often full of questions about salt mines such as: what is ‘salt mine’? how effective is it? what indications are there for treatment in salt mines? There is indeed plenty of information about salt therapy, but how to choose exactly what you need? In our following articles we will give practical information and answer the most often asked questions about salt mines.

Healing properties of salt have been known since long time. Curative effect of salt mine was discovered in the middle of 19th century in Poland, in Wieliczka  Salt Mine near Krakow. The therapist F.Bochkovskii noticed that miners working there did not have either asthma or other bronchopulmonary diseases. Soon the hospital was built on the basis of this salt mine. In 1960 it was visited by scientists from Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. In 1980 on the basis of Solotvyno salt mine in Ukraine the speleohospital was built led by well-known doctor of medical sciences, Professor Mykhailo Torohtin.

Soon speleotherapy became a new physiotherapeutic approach, more of that – quite popular. Patients not only from Ukraine were visiting it but also from other countries. They had to stay from 7 to 10 hours underground at depths of 300m, and breathe with salt saturated air. After 2-3weeks’ treatment course they felt much better.

Due to limited capacity of salt mines and increased demand in treatment there, there appeared a need in artificial salt mines which would reproduce the microclimate of natural salt mines. A great importance should be given eco-friendly materials, lack of various chemical elements, salt concentration in the air volume, dispersion of salt particles, humidity, and constant availability of fresh air.

That is why correct calculations considering all physicochemical parameters are very important. The salt mines must be built qualitatively to have an expecting effect.