Рентабельность постройки галокамеры (соляной комнаты)

Salt room (halochamber) is a very effective treatment method. Moreover, it is a cost-effective facility with a maximum payback of 1 year.

! For business structures it’s quite a high indicator)

Salt room business requires special medical, technical, and marketing knowledge to achieve success. We cooperate with the leading experts in halotherapy. So we will share our knowledge and experience with you. 

Some calculations to get a general financial idea:

Of course, it will vary by region. Let’s take an example to have a clear picture.

In the USA the average price of a 30 minute session is $30.

Thus, if there are at least 5 people per session, 7 sessions per day, 24 working days per month, it will be $30*5*7*24 = $25 200 monthly. 

P.S. A salt room in a health resort increases sales of package tours (20% more withing the first year)!