Prospects for salt room construction

Перспективы строительства соляных комнат

How amazing it is: a man conquers space, crisscrossing the uncharted expanses somewhere far away, in a hurry to find and accumulate wealth civilization. But how about everything that was given to a man by God on the Earth?!

Being destroyed slowly but surely! Man-made disasters is a man-made process. But we aren’t destroying the gifts of nature around us deliberately. Everything is done for the good of mankind, but no one is meditating about the consequences at the moment. We break while devastating, and miss it when it’s lost.

Extraction of salt deposits in Solotvyno started during the Bronze Age. Deformation of land in the place of mining, cutting the Carpathian forests and weather conditions (heavy precipitation and groundwater) did their job, which led to the formation of karst collapses. The largest is a collapse that’s 460 m long and 260 m wide. Craters are eventually filled with water, forming a lake, of which ten are in the Solotvyno area. The oldest lake is Kunigunda, formed in 1905 on the place of the failed mine. Drainage system that allowed water to remove excess to the river Tisa ruined pumps that pumped water from underground mines and they went down. The last straw was the destruction of the ventilation system in a single operating mine number 8 of the enterprise “Solotvyno salt mine” on the basis of which speleohospital was placed in 2009, and where in May 2010 the works on extraction of salt were performed.

Achieving funds to repair the existing drainage and ventilation system have been failed for many years. The matters are getting worse to hope giving the money to build a new mine, and it is near 300 000 hrn for 1 meter. As they say, millions being saved will lead to spending billions. The battle for the preservation of a unique medical institution is lost, and with it an opportunity of extraction of the mineral halite in Ukraine is missed. Some might argue that there is Artemivsk, speleohospitals “Salt Symphony”, “Aquadard” but no one would deny that the mineral from salt mines of Solotvyno is much different from the Artemivsk mine in its composition and purity. And the microclimate parameters in the regional economy and Solotvyno are different. The glory of the Solotvyno salt mine is not limited by the only Ukraine. The desire to have a natural wonder even being artificially created was so great that the extracted salt was exported by cars abroad.

 Artificial salt rooms imitating the climate of Solotvyno salt mine are built in Israel, Europe, Canada, and the USA. Of course, the easiest way is to draw attention to the existing problem and play on the feelings of patriotism – e.g. look, Europe is thinking of its people, health, a lot of attention is paid to alternative medicine and its resources. We still, unfortunately, rescue a drowning man that is the work of the drowned by himself, so the possibility to save the Solotvyno gifts in the form of artificial salt rooms can be done by literate managers of health care and of prevention centers, pre-school and school recreational facilities, shopping centers and rest houses.

Knowing the sluggishness of our officials and lack of finance, mining salt from the Solotvyno salt mine may be temporarily (we promise) suspended, but generally forgotten and abandoned. Meanwhile, on the Internet forums the is one and the same question – where shall we bring our child to treat the allergic disease if the Solotvyno mine is closed? Probably the right decision will be the construction of salt rooms in each city. However, inventories of extracted salt are already great, but again foreign business is sleeping. Competition! That’s interesting – who is still vacationing in Solotvyno – Czechs, Slovaks, Germans, and our citizens stand in line for (that are not cheap). And now the picture is similar: Solotvyno is closed, the remains of salt are going to be exported abroad, and furthermore we stand in line, or in worst cases, scratching our heads and thinking – does it bring benefit to me?

How much is our nation’s health today?!