Non-medication treatment method – halotherapy or salt room

Немедикаментозный метод лечения - галотерапия или, как говорят, солевые комнаты

A man is always influenced by external and internal factors which in complex interfere with the normal course of natural processes, and lead to the development of various diseases. The truism that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat is always actual. However, people remember it when it’s already too late. Health is the basic state of the body, and a leading role in it is determined by a lifestyle.

It includes nutrition, regular physical exercises, rational combination of work and rest, as well as normalization of psychological state. To optimize the functioning of all body systems in healthy state, and to restore health after a disease, you need to undertake a complex of preventive measures.

Due to seasonality, contagiousness of diseases, preventive measures can be expanded in its range of nonspecific non-medication to specific medication methods. One of a non-medical preventive methods of seasonal infectious diseases is halotherapy which uses the microclimate of salt mines. The room, which is reproduced by fines of salt spray, is called a salt room or a halochamber. Halotherapy specializing on preventive medicine, originally developed as a rehabilitation method of allergic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract and skin conditions. Guidelines were developed by the Odessa Institute of Balneology and Ukrainian Allergy clinic.

Analysis of the data will expand the range of indications for halotherapy, trace the influence of microclimate of salt rooms not only in the respiratory tract, but also of other organs and systems. Visiting salt mine is recommended not only for treatment of broncho-pulmonary pathologies but also in case of inflammatory and allergic processes of ENT organs, neurological disorders, allergic skin diseases; also to treat and prevent exacerbations of chronic processes extending the period of remission between relapses. Autumn and winter are usually indicated by an increase in the number of colds. Especially children can have them. Their immune system is quite different from the adult, and therefore is not able to give a quick rebuff infections. The situation is worsened by other factors, which in varying degrees, affect the child’s body. The environment, unfavorable ecological situation, unfortunately, is also taking its role on the immune system. This problem is well known to residents of big cities, living in an atmosphere of increased pollution and air gassed. In addition, visiting children’s groups increases the risk of becoming ill.

Official medicine has stepped seasonal prophylaxis of viral diseases – support capacity and activation of local immunity, application of immunotropic tools, creating specific immunity (vaccination). The first degree is the most accessible and safe. Salt room is one of the recommendations in this list. The effects of salt spray allow a normal functioning of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, monitor the rheology of sputum – liquid mucus (saliva, nasal discharge, sputum) – the main weapon of local immunity. In the upper respiratory tract is constantly forming mucus. Mucus ensures the functioning of so-called local immunity – protection of mucous membranes. If mucus and mucous membranes are dry, the local immunity is worsening, having viruses that, in their turn, easily overcome the barrier weakened by local immunity, and the man is sick after being in contact with the virus. The main enemy of local immunity is dry stagnant air, and medicines that can dry out the mucous membranes.

Salt spray is a provoking factor that causes hypersecretion and thin mucus. In addition, salt room is a place where the air is cleared from pathogens, dust and chemical contaminants, and even temporary staying in this microclimate positively affects the human body. The second degree – nonspecific medicinal – use of stimulants (immunomodulators, immunocorrectors) of local immunity, which are fragments of bacterial cells increasing the concentration of protective substances (immunoglobulins, lysozyme, etc.) in the mucus and sputum. They are safe and very effective. At the same time we must not forget that the concentration of protective substances in the mucus and sputum is useful only when these mucus and phlegm are liquid. And even the most expensive and best promoters of local immunity will not be able to show their medicinal properties, if the condition of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are far from physiological. In other words, the medication increased the number of protective antibodies in the mucus. If mucus dries, the number is irrelevant: dry mucus immunoglobulins simply “not working.” Again, back to the fine salt aerosol which supports normal functioning of mucous nasal and bronchial tubes. The third stage – specific medicinal- the creation of specific immunity by vaccination. But because of SARS – a few hundred different viruses, vaccination is impossible. You can not be protected against all that, but you can create a vaccine against one particular virus, such as influenza virus, but is this vaccine effective through the year, including a variety of influenza viruses?

Choosing preventive method is driven by epidemiological situation on the financial status of the population, a large amount of information in the media, authoritative medical staff, and, of course, the literacy of the population in these areas. Continuing the course of halotherapy in salt rooms sometimes seems to be expensive in the more or less stable state of the body before the outbreak of viral diseases. But the material costs of the treatment, even of banal SARS will always be much higher besides any pharmacological agent has a number of side effects unlike natural methods.