Indications for treatment in a halochamber or a salt room

Показаниями для лечения в галокамере (соляной комнате)

1. Acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract (ENT organs):

• acute and chronic rhinitis;

• pharyngitis;

• laryngitis;

• tracheitis;

• sinusitis;

• adenoiditis.

2. Chronic nonspecific lung diseases:

• prolonged acute tracheobronchitis and bronchitis;

• obstructive and nonobstructive chronic bronchitis;

• pneumonia (during rehabilitation);

• bronchitis with bronchospasm syndrome  (with asthmatic component);

• asthma in the stage of unstable remission and remission.

3. Occupational dust bronchopulmonary diseases:

• allergic diseases;

• hay fever.

4. Vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurosis, hypertension.

5. Chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Dermatological diseases.

7. Strengthening the immune status after medical treatment.

8. To prevent:

• frequent URTI (upper respiratory tract infections), influenza;

• relapse of acute bronchitis and pneumonia;

• chronic upper respiratory tract diseases;

• hay fever;

• cough associated with smoking and exposure to industrial pollutants.