Halochamber is a building in which the microclimate of salt mines has been restored; and it has a therapeutic effect.

Evolution of constructing the salt rooms was not related to the complexity of reproduction the microclimate but with the ability to enforce these parameters during sessions of halotherapy on the therapeutic level, ability to hold treatment sessions at the same time for a few people, without the risk of infecting pathogenic air flora in this room. The air in the salt room should remain at the same level, before and after the procedure.

The first artificial salt rooms were the rooms which used salt aerosol sprays, in some cases moisturizing, in others – dry ones.

But in order to start the procedure it was necessary to have suitable building. During the procedure, the aerosol concentration gradually decreased, and therefore saturation with salt aerosol was conducted several times per session. This technique often evoked discomfort to the visitors that resulted in lacrimation and severe irritation of the nasopharynx – sneezing and coughing. Thus, the mucous membranes according to the halotherapy method should stay without abrupt changes of the air. That is why these efforts led to construction of halochambers (salt rooms) coated with salt by layering the walls with fine salt (thickness 6 mm 100% pure salt), or assembly capsules of mineral halite (salt crystals). Microclimate parameters in such rooms were appropriate for preventive procedures. However, with the purpose of treatment it was necessary to establish additional sources of ionization.

The combination of two types of artificial salt mines – a sprayer or a device with similar effect of haloionizer or halogenerator, and a room equipped with mineral halite eventually gave the kind of halochamber you can use:

• with the purpose of prevention and treatment of the diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract;

• use the room at any time without additional preparation for halochamber;

• staying in halochamber in any place convenient for the patient, taking into consideration the uniform distribution of the salt spray;

• taking procedures excluding any discomfort.

We should also note the importance of psychosomatic reactions during the procedures. Having conditions for full relaxation during the procedure can be a bonus in the recovery and restoration of the body. That is why not only physical parameters are important – temperature and humidity affecting the receptors of the skin and mucous membranes, but also the auditory and visual stimuli. Salt spray widens blood vessels, relieves spasms, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes. As a result, additional techniques will support this state and increase the efficiency of the procedure. Designed objects imitate natural ones – stalactites, stalagmites, caves, lighting in a favorable perspective, quiet music allow to mentally escape the aggression of the real world.