Relevance of salt room construction

Актуальность строительства соляных комнат

The construction of salt rooms is becoming more important not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. Naturalness and effectiveness of this method is recognized not only by specialists of regenerative medicine and cavers, but also by pediatricians, pulmonologists, allergists, otolaringologists, dermatologists.

The experience of the therapists practicing in natural speleohospitals and ground salt rooms has been studied by the state institutions of rehabilitation, pulmonology and psychiatry, and based on data guidelines for conducting this method of treatment. Special methodological instructions are developed such as indications, contraindications, modes of adaptation, adjustment reactions of halotherapy, procedures and duration of the treatment course, concentration and dispersion generated aerosol.

Today halotherapy method (treatment in ground salt rooms) is offered as a method of using conservative therapy for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and of otolaringologist profile in the hospital. Huge experience in complex treatment of bronchopulmonary pathology with basic medications in combination with halotherapy (speleotherapy) is accumulated by the Uzhgorod allergenic center and the Ukrainian Allergic clinic. Currently Solotvyno salt mines where underground office centers are being closed for technical reasons, but you can still create medical air to ground conditions, so a number of clinics took the installation of salt rooms and salt chambers into their service.

Halotherapy methods in hospitals for in-patients are somewhat different from the ambulatory method. In hospitalized treatment it is recommended to keep patients in the microclimate of artificial salt mine for 15-17 hours, and in the outpatient setting- from 30 to 60 minutes. The adaptation time is 3-4 days shorter period of staying in the salt chamber (daytime naps – 2-2.5 hours), and in artificial salt mine – 2-3 days for 30-45 minutes. In parallel to the base hospital using drug therapy, physical therapy, while in outpatient conditions prophylactic halotherapy without additional treatment may be used.

The effect of salt aerosol stimulates the protective mechanisms of the respiratory tract, activates the ciliated epithelium. Sodium chloride has a mucolytic, bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect. A bacteriostatic action of salt spray on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, changing the balance of pathogenic and normal microflora towards improved ecological community mucous is also proved.

To create a microclimate of salt mines in the hospital several methods are offered – using cladding the chambers with salt rock; installation of halogenerator with the control mode to correct the concentration of salt spray and installation of small portable or salt forms of local influence, such as salt lamps and walls.

This integrated approach allows the patient to choose supportive therapy in cases of severe or moderate disease, reduce the dosage of hormones, extend the period of remission from several months to several years. In pediatric practice, it is also an effective method for the prevention of acute and recurrent disease often debilitated or sickly children who are on the records.