Salt room construction

Salt room (salt chamber) is a hypoallergenic environment with salt ionized particles of certain concentration and dispersion, stable humidity and temperature.
The main purpose of the salt rooms is treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases, allergies, skin diseases and psycho-emotional disorders.
In EU halotherapy (salt room treatment ) is in the top 5 non-drug treatment methods.
Salt room from ‘Vedis’ company is confidence in the quality and reliability of work.
We worked out technology of salt coating of any surfaces, which guarantees a high ecological level, imitating a natural salt cave.
For high quality salt room there should be a complex approach: salt coating of all the room  surfaces, installation of a halogenerator (a device that disperses salt), and complying with all the necessary requirements in the salt room care.
A major advantage of our salt rooms is use of new technologies such as chromotherapy and audio therapy that provides additional psychotherapeutic effect.
We provide a range of activities and services, after completion  of which the customer receives ready for use salt room.
We build salt rooms for private use and for commercial purposes, and we quarantee you a turnkey solution in salt room construction.
We perform works of various levels of complexity: from budget to luxury salt rooms.

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