Salt lamps

Соляные лампы

A salt lamp made of salt rock crystals due to its chemical composition is an ideal source of negative ionization which has a positive impact on the air, impregnated with radiation of various home electronic devices.

1. The microclimate of areas where salt lamps are used, is significantly improving and you can compare it with the air after spring thunderstorm…

• it does not contain lime which settles in the lungs with continuous use of the lamp;

• it does not contain potassium, an element of the periodic table that accumulates radiation.

2. This recreational salt room in your home (instead of underground speleohospital) creates the effect of a salt mine in the room (treatment with air saturated with biologically active aerosol of sodium chloride NaCl with related minerals (Fe, Mg, Ca, Zn, Br, I) having a medical effect on the mucosa of the respiratory tract). This is one of the most harmless and affordable ways to treat many diseases, especially those among children.

3. It is a natural air ionizer (instead of electronics):

• efficiently ionizes and cleans the air;

• neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation;

• promotes sedimentation of dust and smoke;

• eliminates unpleasant kitchen odors;

• increases the concentration of so-called ion life – negative ions; thus improving health, boosting the immune system and raising the tone of your body.

Medical properties of salt lamps:

Светильник из природной каменной соли (ионогалогенератор) предназначен для декоративного освещения помещений и моделирования микроклимата, аналогичного микроклимату соляных шахт, используемых в лечебных целях.
Приведенными научными исследованиями доказано, что микроэлементы, содержащиеся в природной соли, включаются в биохимические процессы быстрее, чем лекарственные препараты, безвредны для организма человека и гораздо быстрее приводят к нормализации нарушенных процессов.

Lamp with natural rock salt (ionised halogenerator) is designed for decorative lighting and modeling microclimate similar to the microclimate of salt mines, used for medicinal purposes.

The scientific studies have shown that trace elements that are in natural salt included in the biochemical processes rather than drugs, are harmless to a human body and are much faster leading to normalization of disturbed processes.

While working the ionised halogenerator saturates the air space with negative ions, and submolecular corpuscular particles of salt having the same microclimate as of the salt mines that allows to recommend the ionised halogenerator as means of preventive treatment and rehabilitation of allergic and non-allergic diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system and a number of other diseases:

Соляные лампы

– Asthma;

– Psoriasis;

– Asthmatic bronchitis;

– Weakened immunity;

– Obstructive bronchitis;

– Bronchitis of a smoker;

– Chronic bronchitis;

– Frequent URTI;

– Chronic pneumonia;

– Neurosis-like states;

– Allergic rhinitis;

– Thyroid diseases;

– Allergic dermatitis;

– Diabetes mellitus.

Microparticles are much faster than medications coming in biochemical processes. They are harmless and more effectively lead to the normalization of the broken body processes. Aerosol salt (sodium chloride) creates sterile environment, which eliminates protein structure of microbial cells. The most convincing evidence of salt therapeutic properties is that the salt mine workers rarely have systemic diseases of the respiratory tract.

Соляные лампы

Instructions how to use a salt lamp:

A salt lamp is easy to use. When it is off, you can clean it with a damp cloth or even lightly sprinkle with water using a sprayer before switching, which increases the ionization process air. However, due to the presence of an electric lamp parts you must strictly follow some rules.

1. Having it in the room the lamp should be supervised and switched off when you leave the room.

2. The lamp should not be put in a wet or very humid room (to avoid short circuit).

3. When using a salt lamp for the first time after purchasing (1-2 weeks) you should not do the following:

– Overheating a salt crystal (if the composition of the salt lamp is the clear white block without dark layers).

– Overheating of the voltage regulator which is on the cord. It may be possible due to overheating of incandescent or poor manufacturing of the regulator in the workplace.

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Соляные лампы