Reconstruction and modernization of salt rooms

Salt rooms as analogues of natural salt mines and salt caves have been built in Ukraine since 2000.The first salt rooms were far from perfect ones. Some companies still build them not very high quality, not considering ventilation, salt aerosol saturation, air ionization, sterility in a salt room and quality covering of all surfaces with 100% salt.That is why we receive a lot of requests to modernize old salt rooms, repair and improvement of low quality salt rooms, which were made at a low professional level.We offer a comprehensive approach to the repair, modernization and recovery of quality of salt rooms with long-term guarantee.Because our goal is to make more quality salt rooms in Ukraine, which will provide high therapeutic and healing effect for our citizens as well as pleasure and profit to the owner of a salt room.We do not compromise with the quality.You can save on other things. We will tell you on what. Contact us for details.