Professional building of salt rooms

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Professional building of salt rooms

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Halogenerator IONNA

Halogenerator IONNA

10700 uah

In stock

Subject to the installation of a salt room, the cost 9700 uah

Manufacturer: Ukraine


The principle of operation is based on getting a fine aerosol of sodium chloride (NaCl particle size of not more than 0.4 microns) while passing the of ionized heated stream to a temperature of 55-60 oC air through the cartridge with salt.

Regulation of ion concentration is (ion/cm3): 2 x 103 up to 4 x 104

Power: 100 W

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Dimensions: 210 mm x 270 mm x 240 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

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