We build exclusive private salt rooms

Строим эксклюзивные частные соляные комнаты

Don’t you have a possibility to go to the seaside often? 10 sessions of halotherapy (salt room treatment) completely replace a full vacation at the seaside.

Construction of private salt rooms is becoming more and more popular.

You will not surprise anyone today with your own pool or sauna. But private salt room is something new and interesting!

Salt room is an oasis of health and harmony in your home. It will help you relieve stress after a hard working day, relax and recover both physically and emotionally, fill you with new strength and inspiration for new challenges.

The benefits of a private salt room

–       Possibility of sessions at any time of day or night;

–       No time is wasted on the trip to the nearest clinic;

–       Private halotherapy sessions where no one bothers you and interrupts your personal space;

–       Cozy family evenings and gatherings with friends in the salt room become not only interesting, but also useful;

–       Take care of your kids! Nowadays children have a weakened immune system, and they often get sick. To avoid all kinds of colds, flu, etc., it is better to prevent the diseases (1 hour of halotherapy (breathing in the salt room) daily for 10-20 days). And, of course, nobody canceled healthy food, physical activity and fresh air.

Our company has got an experience in the construction of salt rooms over 13 years. During this time we have learned to build salt rooms in the buildings of any type.

We can build salt rooms in private homes, villas, cottages and even apartments.

Salt room can be of any size, from a small room for 1 person to a large room with several local areas

It can be both an exclusive classy VIP salt room, and classical modest salt room, but not of less quality.

For details please contact us, and we will offer you a salt room which suits your style and needs.