Salt rooms at the building exhibition

Соляные комнаты на строительной выставке

On 6-9 November, 2012 in Kyiv the second exhibition EuroBudExpo 2012 took place. This event was dedicated to the specialists of the construction industry as well as to related industries. For the first time at this exhibition the project  ‘halochamber’, an artificial salt room, was presented to participants and visitors.

A pioneer in this field in Ukraine is the company Vedis.

The final result of the construction work with the mineral halite is evaluated not only on the strength of works, but also maintaining the medicinal properties of this mineral creating specific microclimatic conditions inside a building faced with the given mineral. And it becomes possible only using certain methods and eco-friendly materials.

Design patterns are also important imitating natural formations such as – caves, grottos and their small natural objects – stalactites, stalagmites.  

‘Vedis’ represented its collage at the exhibition, marking a wide range of minerals of various shapes and sizes – from small crumbs to installing wall-rock boulder.

Participation in the exhibition is not a starting point for the company. Geography of the works is very expanded both in Ukraine and abroad. More than 70 salt rooms have been built and put into operation. The purpose of the participation was to introduce our project, its advantage of new trends in the health related construction industry  to the participants and guests, and, of course, expanding business relationships.