Salt room in Brovary

Соляная комната открылась в Броварах

One of our recent works – a salt room in the Brovary City Council center for social rehabilitation of handicapped children.

Rehabilitation Center has a good direction who takes care of their little patients.

To the existing rehabilitation therapies halotherapy (natural treatment with salt spray) has been added.

Salt room treatment and prophylaxis has been used for a long time. The practical effect was clearly noticed: the effectiveness of treatment in children reaches 95%. 10-20 procedures are enough to clear the respiratory system, increase stress resistance, and strengthen the weakened immune system. Main indications are asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

This salt room is built at the highest technological level with audio therapy and chromotherapy, and equipped with a halogenerator.

With an additional audio and chromotherapy effect the salt room can be also used for relaxation, achieving anti-stress and antidepressive effect, and disorders of the nervous system.

Sessions of salt therapy will help children to recover faster.

Our workers approached the construction of this salt room very creatively. As it turned out, there can be not only sand castles, but also salt castles with illumination of different colours! To see the salt room photos, click here