One of the most efficient salt rooms in Kyiv

Одна из самых качественных соляных комнат в Киеве

One of the most efficient salt rooms in Kyiv

Kyiv is a big city with environmental pollution which causes respiratory problems.

There is a great way to fight this problem – salt room. In Kyiv, there are a lot of salt rooms. But only a few of them correspond to the modern level of European medicine.

One of such salt rooms is a halotherapy center “Territory of salt”.

It has all the components of an ideal salt room:

– natural salt cave’s microclimate is reproduced;

– modern medical equipment which is certified both in Europe and Ukraine is established;

– exclusive design of a salt room;

– a professional therapist receives the patients;

– license of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

So we can recommend this halotherapy center as a professional one with a professional salt room of the highest European level. 

It should be mentioned that for a quality salt room and achieving the therapeutic effect it is not enough just to cover the walls of the room with salt or just to install a halogenerator (a device for salt aerosol).

High efficiency of halotherapy is possible only in complex approach. It is important both to cover all surfaces of the room with 100% salt, establish halogenerator, and comply with the necessary requirements in the maintenance of a salt room.To see photos of the halotherapy center “Territory of salt” click here