New trend in salt rooms design: bas-reliefs with backlighting

Новый тренд в дизайне соляных комнат — барельефы с подсветкой

For over 13 years, we have been experimenting and improving our skills in salt rooms construction. Our customers are helping us with that. Every client has his own requirements, wishes, and his own vision of salt room’s design. Thus, our customers inspire us on new ideas. Satisfying the most demanding customer is one of our priority tasks.

More than 150 salt rooms are already built, and each of them is unique in its design.

The new trend in salt rooms design is bas-relief with backlighting.

This is especially interesting to children. We can make their favourite cartoon characters out of salt, and illuminate them with any colours. A child seems to be in a fairy tale or a cartoon. A treatment procedure in such salt room becomes more pleasant; time passes faster and more exciting while a child looks around all the salt characters. Besides, such a salt room has a positive psycho-emotional impact on both children and adults.

Therefore, if you plan to build a salt room for children, choose the option with backlit bas-reliefs.

Examples of such salt rooms, recently built, can be found here:

Ukraine, Chernivtsi, Salt Cave Parasolka

Ukraine, Kyiv, Psychology Aid Center Rivnovaha