Can salt rooms construction in Ukraine conform to international standards?

Может ли строительство соляных комнат в Украине соответствовать международным стандартам?

This question can be answered affirmatively having got acquainted with the works of firm ‘Vedis’ which is the leader in installing halochambers in the construction market of Ukraine and Europe.Within last 10 years our projects have become highly-qualified.

A lot of halocomplexes have been built in Ukraine, most of them being medical organizations (clinics, medical centers, health resorts).One of the most significant projects of ‘Vedis’ company is the salt room in Doha, the capital of the state of Qatar.

On the technical side, this complex is identical to the previous orders, but we had to take into account the cultural and behavioral traditions of the country and its location (a long distance from Ukraine), as well as requirements for environmentally friendly material (mineral halite) and equipment which was confirmed after customer’s scrutiny. There were very strict requirements to the design and installation of the technology hydrochloric room.

The customer considered the proposals of the leading European companies that represent the construction services of salt rooms (Poland, Latvia, and Russia).
Finally, the company ‘Vedis’ got the right on the project which again confirms the high level of the professionalism of the company. T

his event revealed the best qualities of the company:
– punctuality;- well-timed construction;- outgoing is parallel to all calculations;- creativity;- design and aesthetics of salt room;- the use of additional techniques: sound therapy and chromo therapy which improve psycho-emotional status.