Building salt rooms in China

Строительство соляных комнат в Китае

Salt room construction took its beginning in Ukraine and spread around the world.

Today the company “Vedis” entered the market of China, where ecological situation is particularly critical because of smog, industrial pollution, and other causes.

The incidence of asthma over the past 20 years in China has reached 11% of the population. China has the highest mortality rate from asthma in the world.

Medical specialists in China understand the importance of natural treatment and therefore there was announced a tender for the project “Salt room” for one of the modern hospitals in Beijing. 

Beijing ‘Yuho Care’ rehabilitation clinic is the first comprehensive medical facility of a higher level in compliance with international standards. Yuho Care Hospital has its recognition in the whole country for the achievements in clients’ health care. Convenient location of the hospital and reputation of health care quality attracts clients from all over Beijing and the whole country. The company collaborates with leading medical experts from around the world and focuses on the development of internationally recognized brand.

Therefore, the construction of salt rooms for the Beijing clinic was a great challenge for our company and we made it! This project contributed to international cooperation and the level of our works.

Now we can do everything!

Строительство соляных комнат в Китае