A new trend shopping malls can not ignore!

Новая тенденция - соляная игровая комната в торговом центре.

We recently completed the construction of a salt room in a mall in Kryvyi Rih.

Today, many shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers have specialized children’s playrooms. However, a salt playroom is a rarity, so it can become the highlight of your shopping and entertainment center, as in the center of children’s development “Planet of Children” in Kryvyy Rih, Ukraine. See Photo

A salt room, built and equipped for children’s playground, will bring more families to your mall.

A bright salt room attracts customers with an interesting design and gives a unique opportunity to combine treatment and relaxation.

Our workmen created a fabulous salt cave, in which children can not only play, but also receive a therapeutic effect. Undoubtedly, parents will prefer such playroom to a usual one. In this case, a prolonged medical treatment will turn into an interesting game for children.

Our company offers you not just a salt room, but a profitable turnkey business.

A shopping center is an ideal place for a salt room as a separate business project. Intensive passage will ensure a constant stream of clients.

For detailed information on salt room construction and its profitability, please contact us by phone