Professional building of salt rooms

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Professional building of salt rooms

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Turnkey works

Salt room with a turn-key installation is confidence in the quality and reliability of the works.

We provide a complex of the works and services, after which a customer receives a salt room ready to use.

The sequence of our actions is following:

– Making a commercial offer;

– Signing a contract;

– Purchase and delivery of necessary materials;

– Salt room construction;

– Installation and setting an equipment for salt aerosol saturation (halogenerator);

– Installation of the sound systems (audio therapy) and lighting (chromotherapy)

– Stuff training;

– Providing samples of promotional materials.

Additionally we can offer you furniture for your salt room such as chairs, loungers, recliner, and children’s furniture.

Salt room construction for any budget

The cost of a salt room depends on many factors such as design, materials, room measures, and a level of room preparedness. 

We perform works of different levels: from budget ones to the luxury salt rooms. You can see our works in Portfolio.

If your budget is limited, we will find the best solution without losing on the quality.

Contact us to receive your individual offer.

Reconstruction and modernization of outdated salt rooms

–    Modernization of the old salt rooms;

–    Reconstruction of low quality salt rooms.

We do not compromise with the quality. You can save on other things. We will tell you on what.

Contact us for details.