Professional building of salt rooms

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Professional building of salt rooms

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Individual designer’s approach

We will embody your ideas in salt.

We create a unique solution to every order.

Each salt room is exclusive. Relief multilevel ceiling with stalactites system, chromotherapy lighting, decorative fireplaces, arches, wells, and salt pictures provide creative designer’s approach. Portfolio. 

Our team successfully implements creative ideas in salt rooms bringing pleasure to the most demanding clients.

You can also order 3D design of a salt room.

The highest ecological and technical quality

Perfection is our goal.

We worked out a technology of salt coating of any surfaces, which guarantees the highest ecological level close to natural salt caves microclimate. 

Building salt rooms (halochambers) we try to use as minimum of general building materials as possible in order to exclude the dust of building materials and chemical toxins out of the air.

Fresh air gets into a salt room via salt filter which additionally purifies the air from bacteria and microbes. Salt lamps are made of natural rock salt crystal which gets warm from incandescent lamp and has an additional function of air ionization.

In our salt rooms all the surfaces of the floor, ceiling, and walls are covered with 100% salt. 

Term of salt room service is more than 20 years

All the interior surfaces of a salt room are covered with 100% salt crystals of different fraction. Within the time properties of salt crystals do not change; there is just partial recrystallization taking place.

That is why salt surface does not lose its physical and therapeutic properties during a long time (over 20 years).